Monday, May 13, 2002

So goodbye yellow brick road
Where the dogs of society howl
You can't plant me in your penthouse
I'm going back to my plough

Back to the howling old owl in the woods
Hunting the horny back toad
Oh I've finally decided my future lies
Beyond the yellow brick road

Yeah, it's all over.....

Thursday, May 09, 2002

Something Big

I'm working on something big. This may take a little while....

Wednesday, May 08, 2002


I got nearly 20 emails sometime between last night and this morning. All from Hotmail accounts. All asking me to pretty please put their names on my Buddy List and let them talk to me. All had different AIM names. All had the IP The IP of the brainless Texan whore, Kristy, who posted death threats in my comments a couple of months ago. Kristy, do you think I'm as stupid as you? Do you really think that I'm going to fall for this? I check my emails really good for fraud. I forwarded all 19 emails to . You'll be taken care of soon enough. In the meantime, I suggest that anyone else who emails me from fake addresses to take notice: I report people at the drop of a hat. If you want to cuss me out, threaten me, demand that I take this site down, you'd better be prepared to be reported, because I'll damned sure do it. Now, if you want to say that you don't like the site, that's another thing. I won't report you for voicing an opinion. But demanding that the site be taken down because I've exposed the truth about you? That's not an opinion. Got that Kristy? I sincerely hope so. Actually, I don't. I enjoy reporting you. It brings a ray of sunshine to my unhappy world.

In better news, I'm an uncle again. Jade had her baby last night at 10:45 PM. A boy (of course. We all knew that for months), and named him Darren Wesley. Interesting thing: The baby was born exactly ten years after her first boyfriend, Wesley, died. She was in labor for over two days, but she's in better shape this morning. She talked about going home tomorrow. Get this -- she's actually concerned that she's going to fail her classes because she hasn't been doing her assignments. She claims that she never really recovered from spring break. Who does? I need to go outside for a little while. The sun hasn't come out since I've been in this shit hole. I wonder why that is?

Tuesday, May 07, 2002

An Uncle Again

Before I start my entry, I just want to say.... I'm honored that my site is first here in the long list. Yeah, I can be an asshole, or I can be your best friend. Whichever is entirely up to you. I don't go surfing the web for places to complain about, or bitch about. But if you fuck with me, my sister, or my friends who are online, you are going to hear from me. Or something. But when you start stalking me, you're going to hear from a lot of people. Okay, enough of that.

Sometime Sunday night, Jade went into labor, and was taken to the hospital. So therefore, since today's TUESDAY, when Jana emailed James today, and told him that big lie (it's all over Live Journal), we all know the real reason that she's contacting him is because of the expensive necklace (think $20,000) that she can flash off to her trailer park trash neighbors, and make them feel worthless to her. She and Marcy were the same person. There's no doubt about that. Marcy's not online anymore, and neither's Jana. That makes enough sense for me. So.... Since Jana's big ordeal was that Jade called her yesterday, when in fact, Jade was still in the hospital, where she is right now, in labor. Shit, how long does it take to have a baby? She's been in labor for over 24 hours. Shouldn't they start one of those Cs already? One of the "possible" fathers is here, pacing the floors of the maternity ward.

In other news...
Remember ?

Well, I found

Apparently, Katy also has this site on diaryland:

What a retard. Most of her entries are one line, and they don't make any sense. Hopefully, if she has a brain, she won't let her Tawnya personality post there. The last time that Tawnya was allowed to post on one of her hate shrines, Andrew took it away. Hopefully, she'll be smarter this time, and not post links. That's usually a good give-away. No one would have known that damned hate shrine existed, until they posted the links. However, this post on the site make a tiny bit of sense. Not much, but enough to know that Tawnya didn't write it. Who knows? Maybe this personality was kicked out of Katy's mind for not agreeing with her on hating me and my sister and James? Oh well. I don't care anymore. I just thought this was amusing. So I posted it. :D

Sunday, May 05, 2002

What If Sybil Had Internet Access?

We've all seen the 1970's cult classic, Sybil, the movie about the woman with all the multiple personalities who liked to "break glass" and after singing Easter Bonnets, fell to the floor crying, because she wanted to sing Easter Bonnets. Well, I've done some thinking, and I got this weird idea. What if this happened in the present where she could have had internet services? That would have been something...... And then it hit me. It has happened! Sybil does have internet access! And she is making websites! And I am stuck in the middle of her charade! Just plowing through my old archives told me that much. So..... here's another satire just for our CyberSybil!

So..... Your website isn't really as popular as you'd like, huh? Especially since you made a hate shrine to someone who's been on the internet twice as long as you, and they've exposed your picture theiving. So what's a person to do? The only time anyone signs your guestbook or comments section, they never post a URL or email address, because you haven't let the people in your head have an email address or URL. But that's all going to change! With the government paying the severely mentally ill to stay at home, away from the general public, they never thought of these people singing up for internet service and opening domains. But..... It's happened! And suddenly, people are emailing you, asking why the only people who sign your comments never leave a domain. Uh-oh! They're catching on to you signing your own comments! You don't want to stop posting on your own comments system, so, you buy lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of domains! This way, not only will your personalities have their own websites, but they'll have something to put down when they sign your comments! After all, they've been with you all your life, right? Don't they deserve their own sites too? And when your imaginary friends start posting all this good on your comments, and have sites to back themselves up as "real" (fake people don't buy domains, do they?), real people will start posting some good praise in your comments too, right?

Now that your imaginary friends have their own domains, you need to actually let them have their own lives. They all can't be childless wives, working in video stores and attending college for webdesign, can they? Especially if you've linked to them in each other's comments! There's nothing like giving yourself away that easily. But this is where our CyberSybil made a mistake. See, not everyone online is a retard. The more technical people online will be able to see how these domains are all owned by the same person. One: They were all registered on the same day, by the same company, to the same person. That's pretty much a good indication that they're all run by the same person. Two: They're all hosted by the same company. Another indication that they're run by the same person. Also, hosts offer discounts for people with multipersonalities and need to by more hosting space for another domain.

Once your imaginary friends have their own domains, and journals, it's time to let them surf the web on their own. But this is where you can get into trouble. You know not to post that you're going to kill others over a layout, right? Good. Have you told this to the people who live inside your head that you let come online? You haven't? Uh-oh. This is where you might want to pull the plug on their internet prilveledges. Because, when they post that stuff, it's your IP that gets recorded. You bought them sites, not their own internet service! This is where the common person realizes that you're lying your ass off. The IPs are all the same, despite the many, many, many names they're posted under, and then your personalities weren't bright enough to post anonymously. They posted their domain names, and then posted links back to the site that they just threatened the person on! How stupid! The people who support the person that you've just threatened go to those sites, see the same mispelled words, the people have the same kinds of jobs, the same marital status, and the same journaling software that your original personality switched to, and they realize something: THIS IS THE SAME PERSON ON ALL THIRTY SITES! Damn! Don't you have anything to do with your life but sit online and make sites pretending to be other people who support your racial ideas and biggost theories. After all, it's best to have others come online and see that; you might find another mental shut-in who shares the same views as you!

Want to see those domains? Email me. I let you read my Live Journal, where they're all listed. :D

Thursday, May 02, 2002

A Year Ago Yesterday

This was in my inbox from BabyCenter:

And a happy birthday to your baby! Can you believe a whole year has gone by since you gave birth? A lot has happened, in his life and yours. If only you had a dollar for every dirty diaper, every green-bean-stained shirt, and every precious baby smile, you'd have a big fat college fund by now! Your little guy's probably toddling around now, or on the verge of that crucial physical milestone. The next step is full-blown walking, talking, curious toddlerhood. You'll love seeing his growing sociability and vocabulary — but prepare yourself, those first temper tantrums go hand-in-hand with his budding independence.

Too bad they don't know that Samantha's a GIRL!

Wednesday, May 01, 2002

In The Fog

Eye lids: heavy.
Stomach: churning.
Head: Throbbing.
Asshole: Getting the workout of it's life.

Ah, the beauties of chemotherapy. There's no wrong way to suffer.